Do you ever feel you’re not moving as fast as you could be — no matter how hard everyone works?

It’s like your engine is burning itself out on high RPMs, but you’re stuck going 20 miles an hour.

One Simple System of leadership, strategy and execution

Businesses get stuck if leadership, strategy and execution aren’t integrated. Not only does each have to work, they have to work together. Everyone’s seen great plans and projects fail without strong leadership. It’s frustrating, expensive and demoralizing: communications break down; meetings go on and on.

Van Mell Associates knows how to integrate Strategic Planning (SP), Project Management (PM) and Leadership Development (LD) into one simple system.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Leadership Development

A new systems perspective on leadership, strategy and execution.

The short video to the left introduces the idea that plans and projects can succeed only if they're combined with strong leadership. Our educational video (9:14) proves that strategic planning, project management and leadership development can pay back — if they are both simplified and integrated in a common sense way.


Once leadership, strategy and execution are all in synch, the “executive flywheel” can really start to spin — and you'll see steady improvements in sales, efficiency and recruitment showing up in gross and net margins. But more important, you’ve built an engine that will create a lifetime of opportunities for everyone.

"We will receive well more than the entire cost of your fees. It's an odd thing; this is something we should have been able to do ourselves but we needed to be shown the right direction. Your program did that for us and for the first time ever we are accomplishing goals at a much greater rate than we ever have in the past. What matters most is we're hitting our goals and achieving results, and we definitely are. (see video testimonial)

      - Jeff Jaeckle, CEO, Jaeckle Distributors

  • One Simple System.